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Dear B. Wood and R. Martel,

I received your letter but cannot reply to your misunderstanding and misstatements regarding our new letters to the editor policy because you failed to provide your entire name or contact information.

We also will not publish your letter because we make people own their criticisms and commentary in order to appear in our pages.

Larson Newspapers Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittieCommunity members must sign their letters as I sign my editorials and reporters are identified on news stories.

Your letter alleges a recent letter published in our newspaper contained falsehoods.

I beg to differ and can assure you this is not the case.

Since I wrote “Facts need to be accurate to be part of a letter to the editor,” we have required and obtained documentation for all facts published on Page 4A.

If you don’t believe this, I invite you and anyone else questioning our adherence to our policy to come see for yourself.

I have a file containing all documents submitted as backup for facts cited in any letter sent to me since Jan. 4, the day my editorial appeared in the newspaper.

In fact, the letter writer you two and “many of [his] VOC neighbors” criticize had to jump through multiple hoops of mine to provide documentation I felt adequately met my specifications. I still have the documents in my email.

If either of you identify yourself I’d be happy to send them over for you to see for yourself.

Another common problem associated with discerning fact from fiction is many people misunderstand the difference between a fact and an opinion. A figure, such as the cost of ambulance service, is a fact. Whether a person thinks ambulance service should be a private or public service is an opinion.

Writing an unneighborly letter to one of your fellow community members without signing your name also isn’t fair.

I know how he or she feels.

I had never received hate mail before working in Sedona, and it’s particularly frustrating when the person doesn’t have the guts to sign his or her name.

Comments and criticism lose their merit when the people dishing them out don’t stand behind them by disclosing who they are.

As far as our policy is concerned, we feel it’s fair and the only way to ensure people know they can believe what they read on Page 4A.

For those who choose to disregard the facts, there is nothing we can do about denial.

Again, I invite both of you and anyone else who would like to see the documents backing up any facts in letters published since Jan. 4 to email or call me. I’d be happy to provide them.


Trista Steers MacVittie

Managing Editor

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  • Elmer Ville

    In response to your "facts and proof" article, it is a shame that the people whom you address (and those like them), have such a lack of respect for others who may not agree with their point of view. Not only are they gutless, but senseless,heartless, and brainless as well. Thank you for defining the terms "fact", "opinion", and "fair". The folks that you addressed probably won't get it, but maybe others will.

  • ronald trudeau

    Bravo. Your reply is right on concerning documents of proof. Although we live in Ocala Fl and still plan to move out that way late this year we continue to follow your paper. We appreciate the way you stand up for the commmunity as a whole, such as your articles on the fire dept, main road way/street lights, flooding & etc. You always tell it like it us. Please continue your ways. It allows us to see the truth and do what is best. Again, Thanks, Ron.

  • Dick Heguy

    I am very impressed by your commitment to present the facts and force others to do the same. If this had been the policy during the last Fire Board election we wouldn't have to be going through this recall process now.<br />Thanks again for your integrity and high professional standards..

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