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It almost didn’t feel like election season in Sedona because the temperament seemed to change tide.

There weren’t any angry anonymous letters sent to us, nobody tried to post negative comments about Sedona City Council candidates on our website, businesses didn’t receive threats of boycotts based on which signs appeared in front of their establishments, candidates kept debates to the issues, and the Sedona Police Department didn’t respond to any election-related calls.

Sedona Red Rock News Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittie

Hopefully, candidates Mark DiNunzio, John Martinez, Jessica Williamson and John D. Miller set a new trend.

Our hats go off to these four for conducting themselves in a professional manner and keeping sight of their objectives.

None of them ran a smear campaign, and as a result residents didn’t witness the division in the community we’d come to almost expect immediately after the City Clerk’s Office receives candidate petitions.

In a small town, there is no need to promote intolerance toward fellow residents simply to promote a personal agenda.

However, we see it time and time again as the community faces issues from streetlights to fire service.

If your neighbor doesn’t agree with you it doesn’t give you free rein to slander or harass him or her.

Yet, that’s the behavior I frequently observe election season or not, until the last couple of months.

National politics offer enough American in-fighting, so it’s not necessary for us to perpetuate the cycle at the local level.

Instead, by engaging in civil discourse in our communities, we set an example for those in higher offices.

Let’s tell them, by example, that’s not how we do business.

Thank you, DiNunzio, Martinez, Williamson and Miller, for showing us how to be stand-up members of this community.

Now, we can only hope this trickles into the Sedona Fire District Governing Board recall election.

Recall elections are nasty by nature, but candidate conduct — and that includes the people candidates surround themselves with — will tell us who really has pride in this community, integrity and respect for others.

We need to join together as a community, and let those who cause the waves know we aren’t putting up with it anymore — no more bullying, no more personal attacks and no more tearing the community down to the ground.

We don’t all have to agree, but we do need to learn to get along.

Sadly, this editorial will likely result in a nasty anonymous letter delivered to my office.

Congratulations to our three new council members, DiNunzio, Martinez and Williamson.

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  • Elmer Ville

    Once again, an excellent article! Maybe it actually will be read by those who cause the waves, the bullying, the personal attacks, and the letter writing. Then perhaps they will pursue some more productive ways to use their time and energy. Let's hope so!<br />One suggestion is volunteering - satisfaction guaranteed.

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