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The unknown specifics behind the three themes for the next Sedona Community Plan will be revealed in the new city tabloid as the plan Steering Committee prepares for the next phase of the process.

Community, tourism and environment emerged as the top three areas of interest. We learned that months ago.

Sedona Red Rock News Managing Editor Trista Steers MacVittieWhat we didn’t know was what each of these themes entailed.

Well, you will now know when the tabloid is delivered to your house this weekend. I was able to see a print copy of it, and now it’s more important than ever for residents to educate themselves and make their voices heard.

Suggestions in the tabloid range from repetition of old ideas — some successful, some failures — to the pie-in-the-sky dreams of the vocal minority.

Peppered in between the two extremes are real ideas and goals that would make Sedona an ever better community.

The tabloid design allows readers to educate themselves about each of the themes and their particular aspects, and then pick which ones the readers feel are the best alternatives for Sedona.

Each theme proposes a plan for key areas of interest including transportation, education, gateways to the city, proposals for land uses in specific areas of the city, economic vitality, nature, and arts and culture.

The survey then asks readers to pick which theme best fits their desire for 11 geographical areas.

The word “plan,” however, is somewhat deceiving. Goals or objectives might be a more appropriate way to look at the document because a plan details how to get to said goal.

The Sedona Community Plan doesn’t outline steps for reaching the objectives, which is something people need to think about when they evaluate the options.

While it’s easy to think of what your ideal Sedona would look like, it’s also important to be realistic.

Where funding would come from, whether residents and tourists are likely to participate, and financial feasibility all need to be taken into account.

How would a Sedona land trust raise enough money to purchase expensive parcels of property?

Will tourists really feel comfortable parking their rental car at the edge of the city — miles from their hotel or destination — when they are financially responsible for the safety of the vehicle? Or will they still prefer to use parking lots closer to where they are going?

Is an amphitheater at the Sedona Cultural Park site really practical in Sedona? What size of a venue could this community support? Who would run it?

A creek walk has been a dream of many residents. However, is thinking visitors will spend “two to three days” exploring it realistic?

As you read the tabloid and fill out the survey, remember there are many dreams for Sedona and everyone has one or two projects they would love to see completed, but common sense and logic should be the basis for the plan.

Now it’s the time to tell the committee what you like, what you don’t and which direction you want to see this city head in the next 10 years.

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