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Tuesday, April 1, was April Fools’ Day, an unofficial holiday known for pranks and jokes reportedly dating back to the Roman Empire, and has a long history of public pranks.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

The New York Sun published an article in 1835 by British astronomer John Herschel announcing the discovery of life on the moon.

Britain’s Panorama magazine published a story with photos in 1957 of farmers harvesting spaghetti trees in Switzerland, which had a bumper crop due to the mild winter which had kept the spaghetti weevil population in check.

In 1985, Sports Illustrated published a feature story about pitcher Hayden Siddhartha Finch throwing 165-mph fastballs.

While we don’t run April Fools’ Day prank stories, our staff thought it would be fun to generate a list of headlines poking a bit of fun at Sedona, the city we love:

  •  Princeton University researchers confirm existence of vortices
  •  Sedona City Council passes ordinance making recreational marijuana use mandatory
  •  Extraterrestrial creators return, decide Sedona ‘no fun anymore’
  •  Heavy rains wash millions of gallons of red paint off rocks
  •  Roundabouts to reverse direction Tuesday
  •  Tourist crushed by crystal display, chakras aligned before rescuers arrive
  •  Sedona City Council announces new underpants fees to replace sewer fees
  •  Yavapai College plans to convert to a four-year university
  •  Due to raises, Arizona now ranks first in teacher salaries
  •  Voter turnout tops 50 percent
  •  Sedona NIMBY Alliance opens doors to strangers, invites them to spend the night
  •  Sedona police to heavily enforce new 5 mph speed limit
  •  ‘Sedona Warmongers’ to protest antiwar protesters
  •  Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park hosts first concert
  •  Mayor delivers official proclamation: ‘Make every Tuesday a Taco Tuesday’
  •  Neighbors complain about ‘newfangled whosiwhatsit’ on Airport Mesa, turns out to be tree
  •  New marathon route to cut through every gated community
  •  Court orders all city businesses to stay open until 10 p.m. nightly
  •  Six new ‘Tourist Info’ centers open, tourists still lost
  •  Safeway announces new Starbucks to open inside current Starbucks
  •  Golf tournament now in 37th week, no end in sight
  •  Parks & Rec: All parks to be replaced with single ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ pinball machine
  •  Elections abolished, new leaders decided by bloodsport
  •  Sedona City Council unanimously approves property tax
  •  Arizona Game & Fish Department awards Tourist Season tags, snowbirds and Californians now fair game

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