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Our phones ring off the hook even when our offices are closed on weekends and holidays.

Readers always have questions ranging from, “Why did the council member take that position on this issue?” to “Do you know the phone number to City Hall?” to “When will my letter to the editor appear in the newspaper?”

News Editor Christopher Fox GrahamSome of the questions we can’t answer — we cannot read council members’ minds, as much as it would make our jobs easier.

Others can be answered by the caller themselves in the same fashion we would find the information — City Hall’s phone number is in the telephone book or online.

When will my letter to the editor publish?

We cannot predict when a letter to the editor will run because it depends on the volume and when the letter was submitted. I try to publish letters by date received, but that’s not always possible due to space. If we have room for a 100-word letter, but the next in the queue is a 300-word letter, we go with the letter that fits.

We also do not guarantee every letter will appear in the newspaper. Our guidelines for acceptable letters to editor appear below this editorial.

Who draws your political cartoons?

Larson Newspapers’ political cartoons are drawn by Rob Pudim. He receives each of our three publications and draws his cartoons based on what he reads. He does not receive any input from us on content.

How do I appear in @ Random?

Readers cannot arrange to be featured in @ Random. That would defeat the purpose of randomly selecting a person to interview.

Why isn’t your entire newspaper free online?

Our website is meant as a supplement to our print product, not a replacement. We do feature a few news stories from the newspaper on the site, and the site is equipped with features not available in the newspaper, such as up-to-date weather and gas prices.

Due to volume of traffic, we have also recently upgraded our website. Check out our new upgrades at

How do I submit something to be published in the newspaper?

This is my favorite question because it means people value our content and want to be included on our pages.

Email your press release to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Include “press release” in the subject line so I can filter it out from the letters, website comments and other emails in my inbox.

If you’ve never written a press release before or have questions, visit our website, click on “Submissions” and then “Press Releases” and “Press Release Tips.” We have examples and tips to write a release that’s information-filled and easy to read.

Releases that are only geared for Sedona appear in the Sedona Red Rock News. Arts events appear in The Scene or the Sedona Red Rock News. If a story has regional appeal, it may also appear in our sister newspapers, The Camp Verde Journal, the Cottonwood Journal Extra, and our newest publication, The Village View.

How do I contact the newspaper with a question or story idea?

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Include “news tip” or “story idea” in the subject line.

 If you know who covers the news beat for your story, reporters’ email addresses are listed at the end of their stories. The entire editorial staff’s telephone extensions are also listed on page 2A for every newspaper.






















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