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Mayor Rob Adams wants residents of Sedona to know that despite rumors, innuendo, gossip and even conspiracy theories, the city is doing fine financially. In fact, compared to most cities in the state, it’s doing better than just fine.

Sedona Mayor Rob Adams“A lot of people don’t understand the numbers,” Adams said in regard to the city’s current budget. “It’s frustrating when you hear or see people put numbers out there that aren’t accurate. Or you have those conspiracy theorists who think the city is hiding something.”

City Manager Tim Ernster agreed. “A lot of people are reading the editorial pages and assume what they’re reading in the letters to the editor is always true,” he said. “That’s how the wrong information gets spread. A lot of these same people don’t attend City Council meetings and are not very well informed.”

For the full story, see the Wednesday, July 31, edition of the Sedona Red Rock News.

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  • John Balla

    It's unfortunate that the entire story is not included here. I heard about this piece but the Wednesday edition is already off the newsstands. Is there a way to provide the entire story here? I ask because I am the author of some recent online OpEds and would like to know whether or not these accusations apply to me.

    I would, however, like to make a couple of points. In large part, these OpEds lead to productive and civilized discussion. Many, myself included, are willing to admit it if we are in error as we trudge down the road toward trying to discover the truth.

    It's fair to say that "no one" has a monopoly on the facts. To say otherwise lends itself to hubris and arrogance.

    Also note that these discussion threads are open to the public, and many issues that arise are best answered by those they are directly addressed to; mainly our public officials. Yet I haven't seen any engagement here. Lots of Sedona's citizens are reasonable and frustrated at the same time. It would really be most productive, and constructive, if our city officials would engage with the online community instead of besmirching it, for there are some really good ideas being discussed; some really good solutions too, not just complaining and ranting.

    Anyway, that option remains open.

    As a side note, one does not need to attend a City Council meeting to be informed. All meetings our broadcasted live on Channel 4. So I feel it is safe to say that the City Manager's quote at the very end of the story (above) is a bit disingenuous.

  • Jean Jenks

    What a hoot! The City is discussing fleecing property owners via General Obligation Bonds or Special Improvement Districts because "the City is doing well financially?"

    Referring to the Mayor's statement about a lot of people not understanding the numbers, during the July 31st Council Meeting the Mayor didn't even know the City's $51 million in bonded indebtedness is 100% in the form of sales tax revenue bonds. He thought G.O. Bonds were mixed in.

    The City's 4-page, 10-Year Capital Improvement Program list of projects (CIP) has not been prioritized--only categorized. No surprise. Thus they are spending several million on non-essential, non-WW projects this year alone. The City has the ability to self-finance the $20.29 million in drainage projects for which they are considering resorting to the use of G.O. Bonds over a ten-year period.

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