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I've had a quote stuck in my head all week. This quote inspired me to write in 'The SCENE' last Friday about how the Arts Center's philanthropic outreach builds a community. It gave me a sense of 'hope' for humanity and it's even helping me to write this blog.

But first let me tell you about my job. It's a dream job. That’s why last Friday I wrote, "I have a rare and wonderful gift. I am privileged enough to work at Sedona Arts Center, Northern Arizona’s oldest not-for-profit organization." -And boy did I mean it. Every day I am inspired and surrounded by creative thinkers, master artists and caring teachers. I overhear plans and dreams and visions of art. I get to silently observe the fantastic dreams of emerging artists. I am one part of a creative heartbeat that benefits all of us.

The positive reach the Arts Center has to our community stretches far beyond the walls of this broken art barn. It's true: as a nonprofit we rely wholeheartedly upon the kindness of strangers, but that kindness doesn't stop here. Those who have helped the Arts Center have helped to bring creative instruction to Navajo honor students, community support to other deserving nonprofits, art to children and adults, culture, diversity and so much more.

We are the heartbeat of the community. We are here to raise awareness, give hope and share culture within the world we create. We give back and support our community with everything that we do. We craft bowls for charity, combine classical and contemporary music with art and place the manifested visions of local artists on display for all to enjoy. We teach thousands of creative people to express themselves share their art and grow as artists each year.

Sedona Arts Center is an organization of national presence. We help to enrich not just local programs, but expand nationally and internationally with our field expeditions and workshops abroad. Our members show their works, emerging artists become recognized and students find their muse with us. We are an important anchor in Sedona’s community and have a foothold in its history.

And we love what we do.
And I love what we do.

Each year hundreds of volunteers join us and together we help others experience art and culture. Some are motivated by altruistic values; others see their service as a way to enrich their own lives. Whatever motivates you, we are grateful for you.

Oh, the quote you ask? It's about hope - Bob Hope. For it was Bob Hope who said, "If you haven't got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble." - And my heart keeps getting better as I grow into roles to help humanity. How about you?


Remember: grow; learn; conserve; preserve; create; question; educate; change; and free your mind.

 About: Kelli Klymenko is an artist, a faculty member and the Marketing & Events Coordinator at Sedona Arts Center: a gathering place where artists can learn, teach, and exhibit their works at the center’s School of the Arts and Fine Art Gallery in uptown Sedona.

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"Kelli Klymenko is an artist, storyteller, photographer, teacher, yogi, husband, father, science aficionado, marketing director for Sedona Arts Center and free thinker - experiencing life in one of the most inspiring and picturesque places on earth with his fabulous wife and children. “Remember: grow; learn; conserve; preserve; create; question; educate; change; and free your mind.” –"


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